Legislative Accomplishments

The FSMTA maintains a strong presence in Tallahassee to protect the rights of the massage therapist. We promote and initiate legislative platforms to improve the status of massage, our right to practice, and our right to be part of the Health Care Delivery System. We have lobbyists, an attorney on retainer, a legislative committee, and a legislative chairperson all who work on YOUR behalf to make sure that the legislature is aware of the concerns of the therapist.

Some of our legislative achievements are:

  • Legal designation changed from Masseur/Masseuse to Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).
  • Revising the Insurance Law enabled LMTs to bill health insurance for Rx services (a national precedent).
  • The continued exemption from Florida sales tax for all massage therapy services.
  • The change of terminology in the definition of massage from manipulation of superficial tissue to SOFT TISSUE.
  • Acquiring exemption from the 1988 Dietetics Act enabled LMTs to continue providing nutritional products.
  • The retention of massage therapy license law during F.S. 480 Sunset Reviews.
  • Annual Legislative Awareness Day provides face time with lawmakers.
  • The establishment of a successful grassroots program with a united voice in protecting professional rights.

With your support, the list will continue to grow!