Aaron Mattes

Aaron Mattes

Lecture Topic: Active Isolated Stretching Technique for the Neck and Shoulders

The Mattes Method centers on physiological principles of specific muscle lengthening, increased circulation and oxygen to the tissues, lengthening of the superficial and deep fascia. The seminar involves exact details of how to safely lengthen muscles and fascia simultaneously maintaining a physiologically based agonist-antagonist relationship. The seminar is 30% lectures, 70% hands-on work. Detailed approaches to each muscle surrounding a joint, various indications and contraindications related to diseases, injuries, joint replacements, osteoporosis and aging factors. Carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, tendonitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back problems, neuropathy and various sports medicine considerations are discussed and demonstrated during the seminar.


Short Bio:

Aaron L. Mattes, clinical director of Aaron Mattes Therapy located in Sarasota, Florida.

He is recognized throughout the United States and the world as a leading authority in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. His Masters degree was received at The University of Illinois in the area of kinesiotherapy with emphasis in Physical Training and Rehabilitation.

Aaron Mattes directed the Exercise Therapy clinic at the University of Illinois 1971-1976, seeing 200 patients a day while training adapted therapy students.

Aaron directed the Kinesiotherapy Clinic at the University of Toledo from 1976-1979. In 1979 Aaron moved to Sarasota, Florida and started a private practice. He attended the Suncoast School of Massage and added massage therapist to his resume. Aaron is the creator and developer of Active Isolated Stretching.

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