FSMTA Code of Ethics

  • Honestly represent their education and certification and maintain their professionalism through continuing education
  • Formulate treatment plans that are beneficial to the client’s/patient’s health and well-being
  • Describe their massage therapy treatment and their intended draping procedures to each client/patient
  • Respect the client’s/patient’s right to continue, modify or discontinue massage therapy at any time and respect the client’s/patient’s choice
  • Recognize the scope of massage therapy and refer to other healthcare professionals when appropriate for the client’s/patient’s health and well-being
  • Provide quality care to those who seek professional massage therapy and maintain high standards of professional competence
  • Maintain honest and accurate records
  • Maintain a clean, professional environment and high standards of personal hygiene
  • Never engage in any sexual conduct involving clients/patients
  • Advertise accurately and with professional integrity
  • Administer all treatments in a professional manner with respect for the client/patient confidentiality, boundaries, safety, and privacy
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