Announcing the Vivian Mahoney Care Fund

Vivian Madison MahoneyVivian Madison Mahoney has been a long term Executive Board member of the FSMTA, and friends of Massage Therapists nation wide. She is associated with various other Professional Massage Organizations throughout the Country. She and her husband, John Mahoney were in a tragic auto accident  in Tennessee. She has a long journey of healing ahead of her to recover. As with anyone that has suffered in an accident of this magnitude, the care and financial impact is substantial. The FSMTA has opened a special bank account to facilitate in the collection of funds to provide support, and to help give back for all the good that she has done for Massage Therapists and advancing the Massage Profession. She has always been there for us. Now is the time for us to be there for her to lend a helping hand. Anyone who wishes to help can contribute to this fund. You can contribute either through the Paypal link or directly at the bank.

For donations through Paypal, please use the following link:


at any Wells Fargo Bank nation wide. This Bank account has been setup specifically for donations to Vivian.  You can make your donations by using the following Bank Account number for Deposit:

FSMTA  Association Services Inc – Vivian’s Funds


The is a new account  which was created specifically for donations to Vivian Mahoney. Any organization is welcome to contribute funds. We will be working with multiple organizations as one community to help one of our own. FSMTA  welcomes participation from any source.  Please feel free to share this with anyone that would like to help Vivian in her time of need.





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