Attention Healthcare Providers

The Department of Health Bureau of Quality Assurance issued an important notice to warn licensed healthcare providers of a possible telephone scam currently being used to obtain private financial information.  Please read below for details.

We were recently made aware of a telephone scam, whereby a licensee received a call from a woman indicating she was from the Bureau of Quality Assurance, Department of Health calling to advise his license to practice medicine was being suspended effective immediately because he failed to forward a new set of fingerprints to them. She was very convincing and indicated the mail had not been returned to their offices; however, she could put a “stay” on the suspension if he immediately sent in his fingerprints. When asked if he could go to a local police station to have them taken, she told him she would call the police station to find out if they had the correct card that was needed and that she would call the doctor back. She called him back and said the police station did not have the card and said she could FEDEX it to him and all she needed was a credit card number to charge him $25.37. She proceeded to tell him she couldn’t use the credit card he had used with them previously and that she needed a new card number, which he provided. Later, the doctor became suspicious and called both credit card companies, finding out that upwards of $10,000 had been charged to his credit cards.

In order to make our licensees aware of this potential scam and to help ensure protection of their information, the following message is being placed on: all board pages; the first page of the online services portal; the message pages after the practitioner logs into their account; and the FAQs on the online services portal:

The Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, is dedicated to protecting your personal information against fraud and scams. You can help protect your license and personal bank accounts by being cautious in giving out your own personal information such as first name, last name, business name, email address, user id/password, financial information (credit card, bank account number, PIN), social security number, and driver’s license number. We will never request personal credit card or bank account information over the telephone. If we require information from you, we will notify you in writing and request that you provide the information by mail or online only after you have safely and securely logged in to your account.

If you believe that someone may be using your account without your permission, please contact us immediately at 850-488-0595.

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