Ballot Voting Instructions State General Election

The FSMTA will be holding a State Executive Committee General Election Starting Feb 1st, 2016 and goes through March 10th, 2016. During this time if you are an LMT voting member of the association you will receive a ballot in the mail for you to vote. A sample ballot will be added to the website, published on facebook and also available through your Chapter President.

Here are newly minted instructions on how to complete your vote once you get your ballot in the mail.

Follow these step by step instructions to ensure your vote counts.

We have added a new Benefit to the Member Benefit portal which will allow you to get the status of your ballot. It will show you the status of the ballot being received and also when the balloting committee starts to count the ballots and takes your ballot out of the ballot box.

Here you can see a copy of the instructions as they are published to all members of the association.

2016 General Election Voting Instructions  updated 12/20/2015

View Via Google Website.



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