Basics of evaluation, assessment and analysis of the body according to Segment-Reflex Massage and traditional Chinese medicine

I am honored and excited to present at the 2014 FSMTA 75th anniversary convention among our distinguished colleges. This is the first time that this class has been offered at the FSMTA convention.  

Imagine the value of being able to tell your patients about their health issues before they have even had a chance to complain about it!  

To many massage practitioners in the US, this goal may be elusive. But the fact is, it€™s being achieved every day by practicing soft-tissue examination according to Segment-Reflex Massage (SRM) in Russia and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 

Although new to the United States, SRM is anything but experimental. It has nearly a 100-years history under the rubric of Segment-Reflex Massage and, before that, many of years of research in the domain of German, English and Russian traditional therapies. SRM was used only in a few medical centers in the former Soviet Union, mostly by medical doctors or highly trained medical massage practitioners due to the sophisticated techniques it used. 

You will acquire these skills by completing this intense and informative breakthrough workshop. This course will provide you with an overview of evaluation and assessment techniques based on SRM and TCM. 

Participants will have a hands-on chance to learn some of the 29 new effective techniques for assessing their patients based on visual analysis, palpation as well as questioning. The new assessment techniques will be provided to evaluate the skin, connective tissue, muscle tissue, periosteum and spine. 

The traditional Chinese medicine component of this seminar has proven to be very valuable and an eye opening experience for the participants. It will help you to cross-reference your previous findings according to SRM. Combining SRM and TCM will empower you as a health practitioner with such a comprehensive set of assessment skills that you will right away stand out among your colleges and other related health professionals.  

This is your distinct chance to elevate your practice to a whole new level by using Segment-Reflex Massage, a unique method of medical massage techniques that has enormous therapeutic potential for patients with various musculoskeletal and visceral disorders. Using these effective techniques will allow you to achieve stable clinical results, gain greater respect from the medical community and€¯significantly expand your practice. 


Participants€™ feedback: 


€œIt is the best class I€™ve taken in 28 years of being in practice€¦€    J.R, NY, NY 


€œ€¦very informative and detailed€¦€  L.T, Melbourne, Florida 


€œ  €¦ instructor is very knowledgeableorganized and passionate about the topic.€  E.S, Jupiter, FL 


€œ Great PowerPoint presentation with easy to follow hands out€¦ love it.€    B,G. NY, NY 


€œ Learned so many different ways to assess the body€¦€  S,F. Daytona Beach, FL 



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