Building My Yoga Tribe

Daya Devi-Doolin – I am the President and Co-Founder of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary. We have mission statements that involve our involvement with our community, locally and internationally.

On the Oranum website for example, I offer distant healing for free to those who volunteer to receive healing during a five to 10 minute session of absentee Reiki healing. They share with 15 to 20 visitors on the site how they felt before the treatment, how they felt during the session and how they felt afterwards. One client told us her situation after the healing. We didn’t know beforehand what was going on with her. She related how her fiancé was murdered two weeks before their marriage. She was struck hard, headaches, depression and sadness was trying to take hold. After the healing session, a veil was lifted. A week later, she informed me she was able to laugh for the first time since his death. She was moving on with her life and felt like a new person. She couldn’t thank me enough and shared it with everyone on my testimonial page of Oranum.

One of our goals is that our sanctuary be an inspirational and reliable source for the residents of our immediate community and distant community for healing of the mind, body and spirit through alternative means of healing. We offer holistic classes, trainings, practices, workshops and lectures on the Power of Thought and how it relates to what we see as our reality and why we see what see in this realm.

We love assisting those who know little to nothing about Hatha Yoga, the benefits and I personally offer Hatha Yoga asanas, study and teaching with my husband Chris as my assistant. He has been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 36-37 yrs.

I invite people to always let me know if there’s more we can do in our community.

We have offered fundraisers for Domestic Abuse Council, there is a Shelter for Abused women in Orlando whom we have raised money through a Yoga event. We have offered Yoga Day USA to raise awareness about yoga and its total benefits to those who partake of practicing.

In volunteering in our community, we have offered Yoga Nidra sessions to bring donations for the Puerto Rico Survivors. We have made available free four week packages to VETS, PTSD VETS and abused women once a month. We are gearing up for Nov. 18th to offer Yoga demonstration and Yoga Nidra at 11 am and donate the funds to Yoga Make Change who is partnering with Gaia. The monies go towards providing yoga to prisoners (male & female), obesity and weight issues, wellness programs, etc.

For two years this December, we will have been teaching chair yoga, gentle Hatha Yoga at two local libraries, the DeBary Public Library and the Deltona Public Library. We have taught meditation to these students and offered a certain healing way of breathing under Pranayama techniques, the power the breath has in healing and lowering blood pressure and making the body flexible and strong.

The community has loved our classes and the message that Yoga offers in healing, relaxing, stimulating a new and better way of living without stress or even with stress but perceived in a different way, an uplifting way.

Many students who come to the free classes I have offered have come on a consistent basis and come to the Debary and Deltona locations because I take time and work with them.

This is a tribe of Yoga community participants that help each other to thrive. They have made more friends for themselves in this tribe of Yoga participants. They support each other’s growth by being happy for what they accomplish in the classes.

I love the tribe that I was asked to bring about for our residents, my yoga family, because it makes for a happier community, one yoga participant at a time

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