Title: Advanced Muscular Therapy (The Fix Therapy)

The Fix Therapy is the new movement in pain management. no undressing, no lotions. Just results! this technique is a system of healing combined with the use of soft tissue manipulation, ROM, stretching and breathing techniques teching awareness of neuromuscular techniques.


Title: Gender Specific Hormonal and Cognitive Responses after tCMPS Induced Stress Reduction in Concussion Patients

Post-concussion syndrome is a set of symptoms that may continue for weeks, months, or a year or more after a concussion. PCS symptoms include headaches, chronic pain, dizziness, fatigue, memory problems and insomnia. It is supported in literature that sports-related and military-related head traumas antagonize stress levels. The sympathetic system is designed for short term survival, and “upregulation” or persistent tone in this system, commonly called stress, is believed to be related to PCS symptomatology, longer recovery times and cognitive decline in memory. This lecture will present the first sex-dependant study analyzing the specific influence of tCMPS induced HPA stress deactivation has on endocrine sex hormones, cognitive performance and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) symptomatology when applied to a n=35 sample Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) patients.


Title: The Four Schools of Reflexology

This four-hour intro course will demonstrate and instruct students on how to apply the modality of Reflexology to the four major extremities: The Feet, Hands, Face and Ears. During this hands-on class students will learn the 30 min routine for each of the four extremities and proper thumb/finger walking technique.


Title: Signature Treatments

Whether you want to help your clients escape from reality or chill out, this class will provide new options for stimulating your clients’ senses along with your product sales and bookings. Students will learn 2 treatments- Massagarita and Frozen Massagarita and have time to give and receive at least one treatment. Both can easily be added into a massage as an upgrade or done as separate services. Students will receive treatment recipes for many of Bon Vital’s monthly treatments plus several full sized products to take home and use with their clients.

Title: Dealing with Inappropriate Clients & Sexual Situations

One of the most difficult things to deal with as a massage therapist can be the threat of an inappropriate client. This class will offer a strong review of how to handle and avoid inappropriate clients and sexual situations in the treatment room and massage workplace as well as how to prevent related misunderstandings between the client and therapist. Sexual situations and inappropriate clients are a part of nearly every massage therapy workplace at some point. Even seasoned therapists may find themselves dealing with challenges in this area from time to time. Providing a live environment of support, discussion and prevention/problem-solving techniques to help therapists constructively and effectively deal with the sexual issues that arise with their clients.


Title: Thai Massage for the Table

Amaze your clients with Thai Massage. Learn how to incorporate Thai Massage into your table sessions. This class is great for those interested in practicing Thai but can not or don’t want to practice in the traditional floor style or for those that want an introduction to Thai Massage.


Title: History Of Sports Massage

Learn about the history of sports massage for Olympians, Professional & Amateur athletes from ancient times to the present day. The class will cover sports massage as it pertained to warriors, Olympians, professional and amateur athletes as well as the academic pioneers of sports massage.

Title: History of Massage Tools: Vibrators & Vibrating Machines

This class will provide examples of the benefits of vibrational therapy and describe methods for its therapeutic use with massage. Also, how they were advertised to the public, who used the devices for health and the research that was being done by doctors.


Title: Reducing Sympathetic Stress and Chronic Pain in under 5 Minutes

Battlefield Acupuncture [BFA] was developed by Col Richard Niemtzow of Andrews AFB as a standardized Protocol to provide a simple, easy to apply, non-pharmaceutical solution for the military’s pain management solutions in a clinical setting and on the battlefield. The protocol involves the application of a stimulas to 5 key acupuncture (auricular) points that isolate the ANS and CNS’s role in the acute/chronic pain cycle.


Title: The K-Cuts Taping System

Have you ever wanted to prolong the impact of your work beyond your treatment rooms? This course uses Lear2Tape’s exclusive K-Cuts Taping System to explain the basic principles and applications of kinesiology taping. This systematic approach provides you with all of the skills to effectively enhance the clinical outcomes of clients suffering from pain, joint instability, swelling, and increased/decreased muscle tone.


Title: Massage and Bodywork for PTSD and Trauma

This course is designed for Licensed Massage Therapists to increase their knowledge when working compassionately and effectively with those suffering from the effects of trauma and post-trauma. Topics include recognizing the psychological, emotional and somatic effects of trauma, establishing appropriate boundaries and trust, effective communication skills, and working within your scope of practice. Techniques drawn from Kinesiology and Acupressure will be introduced. Perspectives from the instructor’s work with military veterans and her own personal experiences will be shared along with input from millitary veterans.


Title: FSMTA Advance Sports Massage

The FSMTA Advance Sports Massage class is design to present the latest information about different assessments and sports massage techniques with the goal to assist massage therapists in providing effective treatment to athletes pre and post events as well during the preparation process of athletic performance.


Title: Sound Therapy Level 1

Join us for this exploration of using vibrations therapeutically and use this amazing modality in your practice immediately! You will learn the basics of vibrations, sound therapy, a 1 hour sound massage treatment with singing bowls,  and be able to incorporate the use of sounds and vibrations in your practice and in your life! Sound therapy is extremely effective and accessible for both clients and practitioners.


Title: Intro to Cranio-Sacral

Intro to Cranio-Sacral is a hybrid approach to helping our clients reach their wellness potential. We will introduce you to new ways to work with your clients while addressing some of the most common issues we as a profession see

Title: Rapid Relaxation Techniques



Title: Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph system.


Title: Fijian Barefoot Massage

Fijian Barefoot Massage is Deep-tissue technique applied to the client via the therapists’ feet. It is a detailed neuromuscular-like routine. In addition, it is suitable for office and mobile massage. It is ready at a moments notice and needs no massage table or lotion. The client is fully dressed and lays on a mat. Students need to bring a mat, face cradle with cover, pillow and one flat sheet.


Title: Trigger Point and Counterstrain

Learn a painless and effective way of releasing trigger points!
If you have had trigger point work you know how painful the treatments can be.


Title: Longevity in your Career as a Massage Therapist: Injury Prevention and Body Mechanics

Learn how to balance Health and Well Being to enjoy a long lasting career! This class will demonstrate ways a therapist can survive this career for decades!! Too often we hear of the professional not being able to handle the physical demands “the job” puts on the body. These tips will make your life so much easier and more efficient sessions. Your clients will be able to appreciate the difference in YOU!


Title: Release Head, Neck and Shoulder

Headaches, neck, shoulder and upper back pain are among the most common complaints due to high stress, car accidents, an abundance of computer operators, and structural imbalances. You’ll learn anatomy, structural pain patterns, postural distortions, myofascial therapy, trigger point and individual fiber releases, scheduling frequency. Conditions relieved include headaches, flexion/extension injuries, bulging/herniated discs, fibromyalgia, arthritis, torticollis, carpal tunnel symptoms, sprain/strains.

Title: Relief from Carpal Tunnel and Other Nerve Entrapments

The primary cause of carpal tunnel and nerve entrapment of the arms/wrist/hands is structural imbalance resulting in specific strain patterns that are often overlooked. You’ll learn anatomy, postural distortions, techniques to release distortions, related symptoms, nerve pathways treatment, effective myofascial protocol, trigger point/individual fiber releases, scheduling frequency. Related conditions include numbness, swelling, weakness in arms/hands/fingers, tennis elbow, tendonitis, trigger finger and more.


Title: Florida Laws and Rules & Medical Errors

This course contains the most recent laws and regulations as they apply to the State of Florida and its health care providers. Understand how they pertain to licensed massage therapists. avoid the most commonly broken laws in the state. There will be a Q & A so bring along your questions!


Title: Intro to Dynamic Body Stretching

This 4-hour class will include 1.5 hour of lecture on DBS and DBS related programs such as DBS Software analysis and a live demo on a student. the remaining class will be hands-on practice and learning how to apply correct form within a stretch while learning a normal range of motion on each stretch learned.


Title: Introduction to Auricular Acupressure

The modality that doesn’t require a table! Learn the basics of how to offer your clients relief using the microsystem of the ear. when used accurately, this modality can help you enhance your practice by using the ear reflex points to assist in stress and pain reduction. In this class, you will learn the history of auricular points, the anatomy of the ear, identifying the master points, and how to stimulate the points.

Title: Florida Laws and Rules

Keep current with all the changes and additions to Florida Law and Rules.

Title: Introduction to Rapport Building and Practical Communication

Get your ethics requirement satisfied with a fun interactive class on how to build rapport and communicate more effectively with your clients.



Title: Introduction into Myofascial Mobilizations

Myofascial Mobilizations (MyoMob) techniques focus on treatments for better range of motion. Lu Mueller-Kaul teaches some fast, easy and effective evaluation body techniques and myofascial treatments that can be added to any massage routine. Body mechanics that emphasize weight transfer instead of muscle will make the therapists work much easier. This is a hands-on class!  Students will need to bring: massage table per 2 students, one sheet (if ok sharing), face cradle with cover and 2 pillows.

Title: Myofascial Mobilizations for Endangerment Zones

This course will cover the most effective myofascial mobilization techniques for tricky areas around the throat


Title: Natural Positive Care for People with Cancer

In this course, we will learn, experience and practice a selection of massage therapy tools for working with clients who have been diagnosed with cancer. This work is appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed, those living with cancer and those who are at the end of their journey. This work will address the physical, emotional and mental challenges of this illness and provide the massage therapist with insight and understanding into their clients’ needs.


Title: American GuaSha

This class introduces the Tools of traditional Chinese medicine and how they support a Massage therapist using western scientific approach. Including the benefits of using the scraping tools for Lymphatic draining


Title: Event Massage: A Client Experience





Title: Financial Wellness

Tips & Tweaks to manage money better for people in the health and wellness industry. Benefits, retirement planning and business strategies to grow your business no matter where you are in your massage career or where you practice.


Title: Art of Holistic Massage Foundation 1

Part 1 of the hands-on foundational information that precedes learning the AOH Massage protocol.


Title: Neuromeningeal Manipulation: An Introduction

Dura mater restrictions involving the cranial


Title: Self Defense for Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy is one of the professions that lends itself to “crime by appointment”. The intimate nature of massage therapy services makes therapists “easy targets” for criminal violence.


Title: CranioSacral Therapy for Infants and Children

In this class, students will learn the definition of CranioSacral therapy from Dr. John Upledger’s perspective, along with the brief history of CST. Basic anatomy of the craniosacral system and fascia will also be covered. Students will learn the definition of light touch and be able to calibrate their touch to 5 grams, which is the amount of pressure used when treating a client with CST. They will learn about the craniosacral rhythm and will have an opportunity to feel their own rhythm, and if time allows, feel the rhythm on a partner.

The evaluation of the whole system using the listening stations will be covered in this class. 

Applications of CST for pediatrics will focus on the common pediatric diagnoses that are treated with CST, along with discussion on the differences on anatomy and adaptations for treatment for infants and children. Emphasis will be given on these two aspects to make sure students realize that they need advanced training in CST before they can treat children using the Upledger techniques.


Title: Microcurrent for Pain Management



Title: CranioSacral Therapy for PTSD: Non-Pharmacological Approach

A lecture on the incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress and the resulting symptomology. The anatomy of the CranioSacral System will be presented and its role in the expression of symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress will be discussed. Tissue storage of traumatic energy in the form of energy cysts will be shared along with how to bear witness to Post-Traumatic Stress through Therapeutic Presence while working with CST and/or massage techniques. Recent research on PTSD with active military and veterans will be shared. Lecture and lab on the palpation of the CranioSacral Rhythm using the Listening Stations to identify areas of tissue restriction.


Title: Integrative Anatomy


Title: Structural Dynamics: Foot and Lower Leg



Title: The Trager Approach in Practice-Hands

The Trager Approach offers great ways of working effectively with hand related issues brought to us by clients. The work also offers excellent practices for developing new levels of sensitivity. skill, quality and comfort for our own hands, arms and shoulders. Drawn from decades in practice and teaching, we’ll share our understanding of kinetic physiology and the interdependent influences of mind and body in movement, as well as insight into the deep, long-lasting impact of potent softness. Touching your clients will never be the same.

Title: The Trager Approach in Practice-Feet

The feeling and function of our feet has an effect on our entire body. The Trager Approach offers effective and integrating ways of working with foot related issues brought by clients. Self-care Trager practices also bring refreshed levels of sensitivity, support and comfort to our own feet, legs, pelvis, back and beyond. In this interactive workshop, we share our experience and understanding of how positive feeling fuels and restores natural function in a fun, pleasureable and educational process. Walk away with a spring in your step.


Title: Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Knee Conditions

After a brief review of Pelvic Stabilization

Title: Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage for Complicated Cervical Conditions

Imagine if you could restore normal muscle resting lengths to the major muscle groups in the cervical area of the body


Title: Current Research Findings for Massage Therapist – Integrating Research Findings into your practice

A“bench to table” approach. We will explore the current research from all three Fascia Congresses and the current findings from the Massage Therapy Foundation Conferences. I will outline some promising areas of research and how you can target those populations to expand your practice. Resource materials and suggested readings will be made available for use during and after class.

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