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I managed a spa where I was often asked, “Are you a massage therapist?” or, “Will you be my therapist?” I always felt my answer should be yes. I had witnessed countless clients emerge from session transformed by massage. Tension and pain eased, bodies accepted and honored, and occasionally, something greater coming through, something exhilarating and inspiring, that would change and charge the entire lobby atmosphere, touching everyone present.
What an awesome privilege and responsibility, to conduct a powerful flow that affirms the best in people. Massage opens the door onto improved health, energy, and peace. It can foster a sense of human unity and the desire to form new connections, in both the client and the therapist. That deeper healing and growth potential, how the physical experience can stimulate compassion, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness, is why I want to be a massage therapist.
Practicing massage, I want to be aware, present, and looking past the surface to tune into the essence of another person, one by one. To invite a beautiful force that will not be forced, so it may color life with its enchantment. I very much look forward to discovering this dimension of the journey, and what it reveals.
Massage is social and personal. This appeals to me immensely. It assures interaction with a wide variety of people, at an individual and literally sensitive level. I have always been a people person, curious and interested in the many different ways of living a life, excited to learn about others, to listen, observe, and respond according to each person’s unique character. Having had chronic joint issues myself, and having worked in high-pressure, multi-tasking jobs, I can relate to those seeking relief from distracting pain and stress.
Massage is physically demanding. Therapists must balance what they give with what it takes. Meeting these challenges truly appeals to me. I have a lifelong habit of daily rigorous exercise activity and stretching, especially yoga. Now I can apply that energy to help others. I will draw on decades of practicing dance, yoga, and music for strength, stamina, balance, rhythm, body mechanics, and intuitive movement to develop moves and flow, to deliver great massage—and live to massage again the next day!
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