Carol McClellan


Lecture Topic: CranioSacral Applications For Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

By using CranioSacral Therapy to listen to the Inner Wisdom of the body, the therapist can facilitate change physiologically while empowering the pregnant mom and baby to change the story in their body, in the cells, to operate more optimally. this has facilitated wonderful results from fertility and conception through pregnancy and birth.


Short Bio:

Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D, CD, has been providing holistic health education and therapy for over 25 years. She is the owner of Meridian Center for Wellness in Visalia, CA, where she practices Advanced CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Advanced Visceral Manipulation, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Matrix Energetics and Intrinsic Awareness Modalities. Her training includes Diplomat Certification, CST (CranioSacral Therapy). She teaches internationally and domestically for the Upledger Institute. Carol teaches CranioSacral Therapy 1, CST for Pregnancy and Childbirth 1 and 2, CST for Pediatrics 1 and 2, CST for Sensory Integration, Clinical Applications, Clinical Apps for OB, Clinical Apps for Peds and Introductory courses. She also runs tutorials, teaching future instructors and presenters. Carol is an Upledger Institute national Examiner for CST Techniques Certification. She previously served as the CS1 Ombudsman and is the U.I. ombudsman for CranioSacral Therapy for Obstetrics.

Prior to opening Meridian, she worked with an OB/GYN as a Doula, as well as a Doula Instructor and Childbirth educator. She also has taught for the American College of Nurse Midwives National Conference. While integrating her CranioSacral work, she was able to introduce and collect data in hospitals for her development of the OB curriculum. She is the co-founder of H.E.AL.(Holistic Empowerment Alliance), a non-profit organization which includes a foundation dedicated to enabling children, families and veterans to get the therapy they need regardless of financial constraints. H.E.AL. offers a monthly low-cost kids clinic at Meridian.

One of the powerful applications of CST lies in the area of releasing functional and debilitating emotional wounds. With that in mind, Carol was able to facilitate two intensives for Warrior Stress at NAS Lemoore. As a result of that experience, she created a clinic for Veterans.

When Carol opened Meridian in 2003, she was inspired by the philosophy of service to humanity through the work of CST and other transformative tools for self health care. This idea continues to drive all aspects of Carol’s work. As a licensed Life Mastery Consultant and Coach for LifeSoulutions with Mary Morrissey, and a Life Success Coach with Bob Proctor, she adds this philosophy, along with the teaching of positive – constructive thought, with health care in workshops, offering tools to facilitate optimum health, helping children and adults to realize their unique potential.

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