David Otto


Lecture Topic: Fully Exposed Ethical Dilemma US VS THEM (3 HOURS)

This class has been compared to an “Ethical group confessional”, “a stand-up comedy act”, and an “an afternoon with Abbott and Costello”-but a lot more educational. We will include NCBTMB’s Standards of Practice V in the presentation. We will address subjects like Responsibility for words, Transference, Dual Relationships, Professionalism / History of Sexuality, Up-Selling, Tips and leading the profession. We will explore unique perspectives and establish a “Best Practice” for handling even the toughest of ethical dilemmas in the massage therapy profession through exercises that will be sure to “make you go Hmmmm….” but most importantly, we will help the attendee align personal and business/professional ethics Standards.

Lecture Topic: Event Massage: A Client Experience

From 50,000-attendee conventions to office-employee appreciation events, chair massage is not only a marketing tool to get table clients, it is also a business model of its own. This class explores seated massage, focusing on the discovery and improvement of the professional relationship, effective practices, marketing techniques, and diversity in contracting for your chair massage practice.


Short Bio:

David J. Otto, LMT, BCTMB, BA (English, Education), graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy (Nevada Campus) in 2001. He is a subject Matter Expert (SME) for the NCBTMB and has been a COMTA- and ACCET- accredited instructor. David’s sole proprietorship, Hands in Motion, focuses on regularly improving his clients’ Quality of Life using massage therapy. He currently volunteers with the AMTA, the NCBTMB, and the Massage Therapy Foundation. When not in session, David can be found running on the streets of Las Vegas.

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