Donna Waldrop

Lecture Topic: Visceral Manipulation: A New Perspective in Shoulder Issues

A seemingly innocuous fall on the shoulder or outstretched arm to a severe injury can devolve into chronic neck pain, upper extremity pain, breathing difficulties and postural constraints that create a vicious feedback loop. The work of French osteopath John Pierre Barral, incorporates nerves, arteries, ligaments, fascia and organs in treatment of shoulder dysfunction. This course demonstrates the importance of integrating Visceral Manipulation into a Massage Therapy Practice to improve outcomes in the treatment of shoulder dysfunction. Course Highlight: See the anatomical relationships of the structures surrounding the shoulder and how a small imbalance can have a huge effect on shoulder function. Learn evaluation techniques to uncover the primary restriction. Discover through testing which system; visceral, neural, fascial, muscular, ligamentous or vascular is contributing to shoulder pain and dysfunction. Practice hands-on techmniques to address the ligaments, arteries, nerves, tendons and fascia.


Short Bio:

Donna Waldrop, LMT, CVPT received a BS in Computer Science from Chapman College in 1985. After a life changing event in 1996, she began studying yoga and energy medicine which fueled her fascination with the human body and anatomy. Graduating from the Florida School of Massage in 2006, she continues to be a student, studying the work of JP Barral which has had a profound impact on her and her clients health.  Donna creates a safe space for clients to discover their own unique path to health and well being. Using an integrative approach, she partners with them to enhance perception and physical healing.

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