Jill Burynski



Amaze your clients with Thai Massage. Learn how to incorporate Thai Massage into your table sessions. This class is great for those interested in practicing Thai but cannot or don’t want to practice in the traditional floor style or for those that want an introduction to Thai Massage.


Short Bio:

Jill Burynski is a massage therapist, educator, and CE provider specializing in Thai Massage. She is also a 2018 inductee to the World Massage Hall of Fame. She began practicing massage in 1998 after graduating from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville.

Since 2003, Jill has taken six journeys to Thailand for intensive study. She is a graduate of the Old Medicine Hospital and ITM in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has also studied under Master Teacher Pichest Boonthumme. In 2008, she completed her Thai Massage Teacher training at ITM and was certified as a Thai Massage Teacher by the Thai Ministry of Education. In 2009, Jill founded Living Sabai, a continuing education company offering Thai Massage CE classes and certification. She also conducts Thailand Study Abroad trips which offer advanced massage training in Thailand. Jill resides in Asheville, NC where she owns and operates Town Mountain Massage Therapy. When she is not teaching or practicing massage she enjoys mountain biking, yoga, and spending time with her husband and young daughter.

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