Joe Robaina

Joe Roebinia

Lecture Topic: Self Defense for Massage Therapists

This is the first reality based self-defense course featuring both cognitive and hands on skills for the Massage Therapist. Topics include: how massage therapists get targeted, client/criminal profiling, discussion of safety measures, defenses against abduction, grabs, strikes, knife and firearm assaults, parking lot safety and the key to not freezing up. Respond in real time!


Short Bio:

Joe Robaina, LMT is an internationally recognized corporate trainer, advisor, speaker and overall authority on Self Defense and Personal Protection. As C.O.B.R.A. International Regional Director he’s helped countless individuals all over the world experience the empowerment and peace of mind that comes from being trained in reality-based self-defense. He’s been featured on ABC, CBS, RT International media, and is a corporate self-defense trainer for global and multi-national companies, including Royal Caribbean, Verizon, and MTV. He is the Founder of the “Don’t Be A Victim: Women’s Self Defense Group” and the internationally acclaimed American Cane Self Defense system. He is the Director of COBRA Elite, which specializes in imparting elite level elf-defense skills for busy professionals in hours instead of years. Joe is on a mission to get the world C.O.B.R.A. Gold Trained.

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