Judi Calvert

Judi Calvert

Lecture Topic: History Of Sports Massage

Learn about the history of sports massage for Olympians, Professional & Amateur athletes from ancient times to the present day. The class will cover sports massage as it pertained to warriors, Olympians, professional and amateur athletes as well as the academics and pioneers of sports massage. You will learn about the struggle for credibility within the sports massage profession.

Lecture Topic: History of Massage Tools: Vibrators & Vibrating Machines

This class will provide examples of the benefits of vibrational therapy and describe methods for its therapeutic use with massage. Also how they were advertised to the public, who used the devices for health and the research that was being done by doctors. Students will learn about the history of vibration therapy and its connection with massage.


Short Bio:

Judi Calvert is the President of the Hands On Trade Association, created in 2000. She has been practicing for 33 years. In 1992, Judi co-founded the Anatriptic Arts Expo, the first international showcase of Hands-On Healing In 2008, Judi was inducted into the Massage Hall Of Fame. In 2012, Judi Calvert was approved by the National Certification Board.

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