Lu Mueller-Kaul


Lecture Topic: Introduction into Myofascial Mobilizations

Myofascial Mobilizations (MyoMob) techniques focus on treatments for better range of motion. Lu Mueller-Kaul teaches some fast, easy and effective evaluation techniques and myofascial treatments that can be added to any massage routine. Body mechanics that emphasize weight transfer instead of muscle will make the therapists’ work much easier. This is a hands-on class! Students will need to bring: massage table per two students, one sheet (if ok sharing), face cradle with cover, and two pillows. Wear comfortable clothes, ideally a bra/swimsuit top the women can be seen in and stretchy pants or shorts.

Lecture Topic: Myofascial Mobilizations for Endangerment Zones

This course will cover the most effective myofascial mobilization techniques for tricky areas around the throat, axilla, front of the lumbar spine, inguinal triangle, and back of the knee. Students will learn to use effective communication with the client for best results while applying safe techniques. Careful, slow myofascial work can help relieve nerve impingement, limited range of motion, and of course, pain. This is a hands-on class! Students will need to bring: a massage table per two students, one sheet (ok if sharing).


Short Bio:

Lu is a Florida licensed massage therapist with extensive experience in massage therapy, bodywork, and alternative medicine. She began her journey as a licensed naturopathic physician in Germany seventeen years ago. Along the way, she’s also practiced acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, traditional Chinese medicine, and Rolfing. In 2008, Lu opened Balance Orlando, serving as owner, workshop instructor, therapist, and mentor. Beyond her studio, Lu taught continuing education courses across the country, as well as classes for Myomob, the myofascial mobilization techniques she developed. She is also preparing a coaching program for people in chronic pain. With all of her experience, Lu has become adept at communicating medical science in clear and understandable terms, which is a significant feat as a native German speaker who developed her English fluency by reading novels. Lu dedicated herself to guiding people in making choices that lead to more successful, meaningful, and healthy lives.

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