Mariann Sisco

Lecture Topic: CranioSacral Therapy for PTSD: Non-Pharmacological Approach

A lecture on the incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress and the resulting symptomology. The anatomy of the CranioSacral System will be presented and its role in the expression of symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress will be discussed. Tissue storage of traumatic energy in the form of energy cysts will be shared along with how to bear witness to Post-Traumatic Stress through Therapeutic Presence while working with CST and/or massage techniques. Recent research on PTSD with active military and veterans will be shared. Lecture and lab on the palpation of the CranioSacral Rhythm using the Listening Stations to identify areas of tissue restriction.


Short Bio:

Mariann Sisco PT, CST-D is a practicing physical therapist of 40 years. In addition to maintaining a private practice, Mariann is a Certified Instructor for the Upledger Institute teaching Craniosacral Therapy internationally. She also shares her knowledge of Visceral Manipulation as a Certified Presenter for the Barral Institute. Mariann’s experience also includes serving as a staff clinician working alongside Dr. Upledger at the Upledger Healthplex Clinic in Florida. Additionally, Mariann participated as a therapist in recent Concussion Intensives for professional football players and Post-Traumatic Stress Intensives for military veterans. Mariann is also a contributing author of METHODOLOGIES for Effectively Assessing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Fueled by her personal belief that you cannot diagnose the power of the human spirit, Mariann applies her expertise utilizing manual therapy for patients who have not responded to traditional medicine. Mariann’s broad range of clinical experience and post graduate education along with her entertaining teaching style make her a sought-after instructor in both the clinical and classroom setting as well as a popular convention speaker. Mariann was awarded the first ever Clinical Educator of the Year by the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy School. Mariann is also an examiner for the CST Techniques Certification Program and a Certified CST Mentor.

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