Matthew Howe

Lecture Topic: Intro to Cranio-Sacral

Intro to Cranio-Sacral is a hybrid approach to helping our clients reach their wellness potential. We will introduce you to new ways to work with your clients while addressing some of the most common issues we as a professional see in our practice.  This course will offer students deeper understandings of anatomy and physiology, pathology, technical, and tactical skills.

Lecture Topic: Rapid Relaxation Techniques

Clients today commonly run their schedules razor thin, often sending one quick text or checking one last email before the session begins, rarely aiding relaxation. Lecture touches on the mental side of massage and uncovers ways to turn down the nervous system stimulation. Students participate in the therapeutic application of breathing as a way to improve interoception. A focus on non-invasive low back techniques leads a path to work smarter, not harder. This workshop uses our axiomatic approach to create a relaxing synergy between client results and career longevity.


Short Bio:

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” ~ Aristotle
Matthew Howe is a Cincinnati native residing in Orlando for nearly 19 years. He has been an active participant in the massage and bodywork field since graduating from the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy (CFSMT) in 2000. Logging over 20,000 massages spread across spa, chiropractic, and private practice he is familiar with the labor of love that is massage therapy. Matthew recognizes the diversity and flexibility needed to survive and thrive in this field as he raises his family with his wife Nicole and two teenage boys.

With encouragement from friends and mentors, he officially launched Touch Education, LLC in 2003. Matthew took experiences from his practice and cultivated classes that balanced the art and science of touch. His pursuit for education landed him a role as an instructor at CFSMT teaching hydrotherapy, spa, CranioSacral therapy, and pathology. Using 6 simple principles of the body he breaks down the complex and shows therapists how to facilitate change across the spectrum from pathophysiology to wellness.

“I know that no single approach or modality is the right one for every client, that is why my practice and classes are engineered to be integrative in nature.” Matthew states. “Each client and student has a story to tell and the ability to reach the goals they set. My job is to foster an ecosystem that promotes change.”

Matthew’s education is heavily influenced with the spectrum of CranioSacral Therapy, both mechanical and dynamic. He keeps rooted by teaching at his alma mater as well as the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. He nurtures learning from others with a quest to connect information to advance the field of massage and bodywork.

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