Michelle Mace

Michelle Mace

Lecture Topic: Fijian Barefoot Massage

Fijian Barefoot Massage is a Deep-tissue technique applied to client via the therapists feet. It is a detailed neuromuscular-like routine. In addition, it is suitable for office and mobile massage. It is ready at a moments notice and needs no massage table or lotion. The client is fully dressed and lays on a mat. Students need to bring a mat, face cradle w/cover, one flat sheet and pillow. Course Outline:History, Contraindications and Benefits, Hands-on Technique and Marketing.


Short Bio:

Michelle Mace, CEO of The Barefoot Masters is a developer of continuing educational materials and classes. She offers nine different hand-saving techniques and over a dozen CE classes for massage therapy. As a 2 year+ veteran of massage, her passion is to create career-saving options for massage therapists.

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