Roger Tolle

Lecture Topic: The Trager Approach: Hands

The Trager® Approach offers great ways of working effectively with hand related issues brought to us by clients. The work also offers excellent practices for developing new levels of sensitivity, skill, quality and comfort for our own hands, arms and shoulders. Drawn from decades in practice and teaching, we’ll share our understanding of kinetic physiology and the interdependent influences of mind and body in movement, as well as insight into the deep, long-lasting impact of potent softness. Touching your clients will never be the same.

Lecture Topic: The Trager Approach: Feet

The feeling and function of our feet has an effect on our entire body. The Trager® Approach offers effective and integrating ways of working with foot related issues brought by clients. Self-care Trager® practices also bring refreshed levels of sensitivity, support and comfort to our own feet, legs, pelvis, back and beyond. In this interactive workshop, we share our experience and understanding of how positive feeling fuels and restores natural function in a fun, pleasurable and educational process. Walk away with a spring in your step.


Short Bio:

Roger Tolle is a senior trainer for Trager International, teaching the work around the world since 1989. His website includes articles, videos, and podcasts to help educate the public. He has a B.A. in Theater, spent 15 years as a modern dancer and studied extensively with Dr. Milton Trager and other pioneers in the field of Somatics. When not on the road teaching, he sees clients in Charlottesville, Virginia and Silver Spring, Maryland. Roger Hughes teaches in the Trager Certification Training Program for the United States Trager Association. In his Chicago based practice, he focuses on Trager Movement Education and Mind-Body Integration and Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage. He is a 1995 graduate of Chicago School of Massage Therapy, and in 2010 received the “Pioneer Award” in Massage Therapy from the Illinois Chapter of the AMTA.

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