Sam Belyea

Sam Belyea

Lecture Topic: The Four Schools of Reflexology

This four-hour intro course will demonstrate and instruct students on how to apply the modality of Reflexology to the four major extremities: The Feet, Hands, Face and Ears. During this hands-on class students will learn the 30min routine for each of the four extremities, proper thumb/finger walking technique and how to accurately address reflex points that are found during the session. Perfect for therapists looking to deepen their practice and save their hands, The Four Schools of Reflexology course emphasizes proper palpation, alignment and the concept of applying ‘perfect pressure’ to increase the effectiveness of the therapist while protecting the client from improper Reflexology technique. You will walk away from this course understanding the basic routine that will enliven your menu of services, increase the value you bring to the table and give you an inside look into the wonderful world of a multi-faceted Reflexologist.


Short Bio:

Sam Belyea is the owner and Training Director of The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute in Tampa, FL, as well as an internationally recognized author and lecturer. After becoming a massage therapist in 2009, Sam specialized in Reflexology because of the wonderful insights and results the feet and hands gave during his sessions. After becoming Dual-Nationally Certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board, Sam developed his own Face and Ear Reflexology techniques and maps to complete the four classic schools of Reflexology from a Western perspective, which he has now become famous for teaching. Always integrating humor and respect for the mental/emotional components of pain during his classes, Sam is a beloved live and online bodywork teacher with backgrounds in Physical Therapy, Yoga, Herbalism and energy related health modalities.

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