Sponsors & Vendors

Company Website Booth# Products
Abacus Health Products http://abacushp.com 317 Topical Pain Relief Cream
Ace Massage Cupping & MediCupping http://massagecupping.com 217
Acucups Massage Cupping http://acucups.com 416
Apex Stretch http://apexbodyworx.com 403 stretch therapy workshops
Asteeza http://astezza.com 517
B & B Marketing/Sacrowedgy  http://sacrowedgy.com 501
Banana Bag Oral Solution http://bananabagdrink.com 209 Electrolytes/vitamins
Center for Pain and Research  http://dolphinmps.com 417 516
Comfort Craft http://comfortcraft.com 411
Cryoderm http://cryoderm.com 406 All Natural Topical Analgesic
Custom Craftworks/Pivotal http://customcraftworks.com 307 Massage beds
Dynamic Body Stretching http://dynamicbodystretching.com 111 Stretch Therapy
First Alternatives LLC/Avazzia http://firstalternativetherapies.com 412 Microcurrent pain relief
FSMTB http://fsmtb.org 309 MBLEX, REACH, CE registry
Hancock Cranio Somatic Institute http://craniosomatics.com 506 CranioSomatic therapy/classes
Happy Feet https://www.happyfeet.com/largo-store 500 Kenkoh Massage Sandals
History of Massage http://historyofmassage.com 106 108  artifacts
Makami College http://makamicollege.com 100 education
Massage Warehouse http://massagewarehouse.com 200 202 Equipment
Master Home Products http://www.mastermassage.com 207 Massage Tables and equip
Matago http://matago.us
Performance Health http://performancehealth.com 301
PrimeKinetix http://primekinetix.com 407
Purium http://ishoppurium.com 210 Nutritional supplements
Quantum Balance Crystals http://qbcrystals.com 502 balance crystals
Rapid Fire Relief, LLC http://rapidfirerelief.com 102 Essential Oils
Rapid Release Technology http://rapidreleasetech.com 510
Relax Saunas http://relaxsaunas.com 214
Silouet-Tone http://silouettone.us 405 Beds and bolsters
Simply Earth https://simplyearth.com/ 107 Essential Oils
Structural Energetic Therapy http://structuralenergetictherapy.com 204
Superior Sleep http://supsleep.com 413/415
Upledger Institute International http://upledger.com 201
US Trager Assoc. http://trager.com 101
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