Martin Chamberlain

Massage for Veterans


This class will focus on a population that can certainly benefit from massage therapy – our veterans. An overview of mental, physical and psychological considerations that may impact the massage client who is a veteran will be provided. Discussion topics include various injuries from different wars, how to do active listening with your work, PTSD, drugs, issues with getting into the VA hospitals and more. A variety of neuromuscular and myofascial moves designed to melt the hardened tissues(resulting from stress) will be introduced so you can design a methodology to facilitate a positive outcome for the veteran client.


Short Bio:

Martin Chamberlain has loved massage his entire life. He has worked in four different professions. A professional photographer on the Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy and after the service, he took a job in carpentry to learn how to build his own house. He helped build conventional and alternative housing (passive solar/earth shelter). During the market slump in the 80’s he was employed in Micro Computer Sales and Support. His self-study of massage began in 1971 and he subsequently enrolled in the Baltimore School of Massage in the early ‘90’s. His peers began to call him “The Body Whisperer” due to his use of intuitive and energy methods. He has studied many different massage and energy methods. As a veteran himself, Martin is very concerned about health care for veterans. Martin has been an active member of the Body Mason Sports Massage Team. He has been an instructor with the Massage Institute of Maryland and helped develop the S.E.E.M. Technique being taught by Raju Mantina.

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