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Present Centered Awareness: the Cornerstone for Structural Connective Tissue Therapy


Present Centered Awareness (PCA) and Body Readings are cornerstones to learning and providing Structural Connective Tissue Therapy (SCTT). SCTT involves working deeply with the body’s connective tissue, affecting the mind via the neuromuscular system and PCA offers the support needed to “be with” the person who resides in the body that you are manipulating. When physiological structures are re-situating, emotions can be stirred. Being powerfully present with your client provides a simple way to offer a deeper level of healing for postural integrity and sustainability.

A body reading is observing and evaluating musculoskeletal imbalances. We look at the body as a whole and then from a symmetry perspective, identifying the muscles that are contributing to postural deviations. This too requires PCA. Holding a sacred space for your client to be vulnerable is rare, empowering, and a pathway to wholeness and wellness. The student will acquire communication and awareness skills to be present with clients, facilitating emotional and psychophysical connections to acute and chronic soft tissue issues. PCA will deepen and broaden the dimensions of your massage therapy practice. For body readings, please be prepare to disrobe down to your comfort level (i.e. nude, revealing or tight underwear or bathing suit that will show vertical/horizontal body lines).

Introduction to Structural Connective Tissue Therapy”


SCTT is an advanced massage therapy and bodywork training intended to provide the new or seasoned bodyworker with an overview of valuable tools from which to draw when working with clients who have musculoskeletal balances, chronic tension and pain. The focus of this training is on restructuring specific anatomical structures that are dysfunctional, distorted or imbalanced and how to work with those acute and chronic soft tissue issues. Melting tissue and altering structure for postural balance is a main goal of this course. Participants will begin learning what SCTT is, as used in Structural Integration/Rolfing and how it is applied. **For body readings, please be prepared to disrobe down to your comfort level (i.e. nude, revealing or light underwear or bathing suit that will show horizontal/vertical body lines).

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