Craig Knowles


Lecture Topic: Lymphatic Massage

This Lymphatic Massage course is a hands-on hours and will: 1.Describe basic anatomy, physiology of the lymph system and main body fluids. 2. Explain the scientific principles behind
Lymph Drainage Therapy, and why the lymphatic system plays a crucial role in recovering from disease and enhancing health. 3. Explain the importance of the lymphatic system and how it
relates to blood and other body fluids. 4. Describe main indications and contraindications. 5. Perform techniques that help you move lymph and interstitial fluid through the body to cleanse
it of toxins. 6. Describe the main specific locations of lymph nodes and lymph vessels. 7. Demonstrate specific lymph-drainage sequences for the face and neck, upper and lower
extremities, and abdomen. 8. Put treatments and self-help techniques right away into practice.


Short Bio:

Knowles Rehabilitation was opened in 2009. It was founded by Craig Knowles, BAS, BCMT, LMT, CNMT, in order to provide quality massage therapy training. Craig Knowles has been a massage therapist since 1996, and was Nationally Certified in 2000. In 2014, he met the qualifications and attained his Board Certification from NCBTMB. In addition to having an active massage practice since 1996, Knowles has been teaching massage students since 2000. NCBTMB approved Craig Knowles as an Approved Provider of Continuing Education in 2009. As a commitment to his profession, Knowles has given of his time and energy to many volunteer positions.

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