Election Ballots Hit the Mail TODAY

All of the Voting members of the FSMTA will be mailed an elections ballot on Feb 1st, 2016. If you do not receive your ballot in the mail. You can in person request a replacement ballot. To do so you will have to have a photo ID and be in person at 240 Ridgewood Ave Holly Hill FL 32117, prior to the March 10th deadline. We will mark your ballot that was mailed as invalid and issue a new one. Each ballot has a barcode label on the outer envelope to determine who is voting. It must be on the outer envelope when returned to be validated.

All Ballots must be postmarked prior to the deadline which is March 10th, 2016 no ballots will be counted that are mailed after this date.

The Balloting Committee will be convened on March 19, 2016 to count the ballots and certify the election. The only two candidates that can trigger a re-count of the ballots are running for 1st Vice President of the Association. If you would like to see the election results they will be available after March 20th, 2016 on this website.

The final report from the Balloting committee will be available online for your review as a member in the member benefits area online.

Greg Neely

Elections Chairman


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