Election Sample Ballot

Sample Election Ballot. This is a copy of the ballot that you will be emailed on Feb 1st, 2016. Write In Candidates must be Licensed in the State of Florida as an LMT and be an active member of the FSMTA. The Balloting committee will be meeting on March 19/20 of 2016 to count the ballots that are returned as votes. The following members have graciously volunteered to be on the balloting committee.

I would like to thanks them for Volunteering to do this great civic duty of being responsible for counting and certifying the election. The names of those that are serving the FSMTA are:
1. Mary Knootz – North Central Florida Chapter (Elections Chair North Central Florida)
2. Carlos Mendez-hernandez – Central Florida (Elections Chair Central FLorida)
3. Joyce Inderkum – Flagler/Volusia Chapter (Sports Team Captain Flagler/Volusia)
4. Betsy Morrison – Flagler/Volusia Chapter (Newsletter Chairman) – Poll worker Volusia County
5. Lydia Smith – Central Florida Chapter (Outstanding Service Award Winner Central Florida

Click here to view the Sample ballot you will need adobe acrobat reader installed or similar program.


Click here to view the Candidate Campaign Statements. This sheet will be inserted into the ballot mailout.


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