Florida PIP Case Update-Supreme Court Declines Jurisdiction

Tallahassee, FL-

www.flpipdefensefundThe Florida Supreme Court declined to exercise jurisdiction on the Emergency Temporary Injunction on the Florida PIP case. The actual  case on PIP against the State of Florida and the Department of Insurance still has to be fully litigated in the State Circuit Court.  The two attorneys working on behalf of all Florida Citizens, Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, and Chiropractors are continuing to work on our behalf.  The attorney, Luke Lirot states “We have an entire circuit court case to litigate.   This case is far from over and we seek as much support as can be obtained to continue this fight”.

Donations are needed to help pay for the legal cost of this case.  A donation of even a small amount of $10 or $20 will go a long way, when we each do our part and work together.  The United Practitioners Organization is working to help all Florida LMT’s.

To learn more details about the case and donations visit:


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