Happy 75th Anniversary FSMTA

For the first time ever the FSMTA Annual awards banquet was streamed live. Despite the technical difficulties that we were originally plagued with we got the awards banquet streamed live. It is still available if you have not seen it on our youtube channel. We will be uploading On The Spot Videos in the months to come so that everyone can see various angles of the Convention. Did not get the chance to participate? You can see all the spectacular videos on our youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel and get alerts as we upload videos to view. Our channel is growing and we would like you to participate in it’s opening.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) station was broadcast live each day at Convention with new content daily. We will be bringing you this again next year at Convention so that we can keep you in the know of what is going on at convention. No time to sleep at Convention we have something going on from dusk to dawn. We will be at Caribe Royale in 2015 from June 25- June 28th. We will see you there!

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