Introducing The New Executive Committee

Introducing the FSMTA Executive Committee 



Leiah Carr is a native to Jacksonville, Florida. She has been in the holistic healing field for over 20 years.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart Sean for 25 years.  They have two bright and beautiful children. Her son is in college studying mechanical engineering, and her daughter is in high school with a future goal of entering the field of law.  Leiah enjoys the outdoors, camping, hiking, swimming, boating, gardening, spending time with her family, as well as nourishing a life long love of learning.  She is further developing her love and talents in the field of photography and painting.  Leiah is very active in both the civic and professional arenas. Leiah is also the President of the International Sound Healing Institute and the Health Studio.  She also runs a holistic cancer support group-the Hope group. Leiah served three terms as the First Coast Chapter President, and was Co-Chair of the Real Estate Search Committee leading the FSMTA to the purchase of our Central Office. She was also our Membership Chair prior to becoming our new Executive State President.  Leiah has quickly and significantly jumped into the role as State President by utilizing her many years of business and civic experience to help bring our association into the advanced age of technology.  With Leiah Carr as our Executive State President we will see some dynamic, innovative and positive changes taking place in the FSMTA.


Joanna has served two terms as the Brevard Chapter President, and has held numerous Chapter and State Committee Chairs. She regularly attends BOMT meetings and is on the Advisory Committee for Space Coast Health Institute and Keiser University in Melbourne. She is Owner of EveryBody Massage since 1992 and Co-Owner of an online product and information company directed to massage therapists internationally.   Joanna is married to Jesse, her long time sweetie; she has two wonderful adult children, and two teenage step children. She lives in Melbourne, and travels quite a bit with her husband on business trips. She enjoys the smell of fresh cut grass, listening to the sound of chimes on a breezy afternoon, popcorn and M& Ms while watching a good movie. She values her family and her friendships; she regularly attends motivational seminars and strives to be a positive role model and confidant for the people in her life.   Her friend Simon says: Be the spark. Create the spark. Don’t stay stuck on a bridge to nowhere! She takes those words to heart and does what she can to inspire and infuse people out there to move forward and to grow in their own personal and professional accomplishments. By helping fill that void in others, she fills it in herself and the world is a better place.


Donna is serving her second term as State 2nd Vice President.  Prior she was Gulf Coast Chapter treasure then held two terms as Chapter President, she has served on the State Board as membership chair and is presently serving as chairperson for Massage Message Magazine. She has also worked state legislative, bylaws, and hospitality committees in the past. She loves that the FSMTA has become a vital part of her life. Donna has been married 18 years, she has a beautifully blended family with 7 children, her pets include horses, dogs and cats. She has been a practicing massage therapist and FSMTA member for 10 years. In those ten years, she has worked for a chiropractor and an internal medicine doctor. She is the owner of Soothing Solutions, a holistic spa in historic downtown Panama City.   She is part of a community organization that helps raise awareness against domestic violence and helps raise money for women’s scholarships. Donna has worked hospital hotlines for six years. She is passionate about this profession and all the opportunities it has given her to help and educate others. If you love what you do, and are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything. Love and live the dream!

Ralph Russ – Immediate Past President

Ralph was born into a family of farmers, beekeepers and cattle herders. He ran the family beekeeping operation for years after his father retired. His mother’s family still raise cattle, and are to this day are crop farmers. These endeavors give him the continued incentive to harvest his own crop year after year. Be it fruit, vegetables, honey and even the most beautiful world class orchids. Fishing is another of his passions and if we can’t find him, we all know he is out to sea with a pole in hand.  Ralph found an even greater passion and satisfaction by being able to help others through the great profession of massage therapy. He joined the Central Florida Chapter in 1999 and was a key player in helping to create the Heart of Florida Chapter where he has been a member since.  During his term as State President Ralph diligently worked with our Media Sponsor to drive up membership. He regularly attended BOMT, FCA and other conference and conventions to network, meet exhibitors, sponsors and educational providers to share knowledge and get a better understanding of the various demands on the massage profession. Ralph served one term as a chapter president, one term as the State President. and was four terms as the State By-laws chair. 12 years Board Dedication.


The FSMTA Executive Committee comes together as a team from across the State to share our thoughts, our talents and our knowledge. We are each dedicated to this Association and its members; we are honored to have been elected for these positions. ………………

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