John Mahoney Award

JohnsuperpicAnnouncing the “John Mahoney” award. This is a new award named in honor of John Mahoney, and it will be awarded for the first time at the 2015 Convention.The formal award request was submitted by FSMTA member Robert Poulin. The FSMTA’s Executive Board Voted 16 to 3 in favor of establishing this award at the Executive Board meeting in September in Altamonte Springs, FL. This award is optional each year, and awarded only if nominations are submitted. Nominations submission will be during the normal nomination period for State Awards. Voting will be done at the appropriate quarterly Executive Board meeting.

The John Mahoney award was established in honor and recognition of the many years of volunteer support, dedication and assistance John Mahoney, spouse of Board member Vivian Mahoney, provided to the FSMTA. The award will honor the spouse of a Board member that contributes their time, energy and effort in supporting their spouse who is serving on the Executive Board. The FSMTA recognizes that the additional time given in service by a volunteer to run the FSMTA is often time taken away from family. The time it takes and the effort that is spent behind the scenes at home to support a Board member serving the Association is a sacrifice which the FSMTA recognizes, appreciates and wishes to honor.


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