Individual Non-LMT Membership

You are one special individual. You support the profession of a massage therapist even though you are not licensed yourself. By joining the FSMTA as an Individual you are supporting your family, friends, and the profession of massage therapists throughout the state. The FSMTA maintains a strong presence in Tallahassee, where a part of your membership dues helps support. We promote and initiate legislative platforms to improve the status of massage, their right to practice, and their right to be part of the Health Care Delivery System. Our vision statement: To Promote Public Awareness of Massage Therapy in Florida Through Education and Professionalism. Our mission statement: To Unify the Massage Therapy Profession While Creating, Representing, and Promoting Standards of Excellence in Health Care. By joining the FSMTA you help validate the FSMTA’s promise to serve and protect the massage therapist in Florida. ~ Thank you. Join Today as an Individual-Non-LMT 407.786.3307  Click here for the Printed Application
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