Membership in the Florida State Massage Therapy Association has many excellent benefits to help enhance your professional career.

Your membership is valid for a full twelve months from the time your application is processed and 100% of your membership dues go to the promotion and protection of the massage therapy profession in the state of Florida. Upon joining the FSMTA, you are automatically a member of your local chapter at no extra cost.


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To join FSMTA now please follow this link and complete the online application or complete this Printed Application and submit along with your payment information to our Corporate office. If you need a New Membership Application to be mailed or faxed to you, please call the Corporate Office at 407-786-3307, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The cost for 1 year of membership is only $125 or only $14.95 per month on our AutoBill plan. New members and members who expired more than 30 days ago must  pay a $15 application fee or late fee. You can save money on your annual membership dues by pre-paying for multiple years.

Renewing Members

Is it that time to renew your FSMTA Membership? You may log in online here. All you need is your email address and password. Don’t know your email address and password? You can then reset your password just answer some quick simple questions about your membership. If you are unable to log in please e-mail us at or call at 407-786-3307. We’ll be happy to help. Membership does not include insurance. Once you become a member you can purchase insurance at a special member rate. We keep the membership and insurance separate and offer customized coverage in an effort to be as flexible as possible and enable more people to join and participate in the Association. Membership dues is non-refundable.

Some of the many membership benefits include

  • 19 Local Chapters throughout the state of Florida
  • Access to Optional Professional Liability Insurance
  • Optional Group Health Insurance (Please contact FSMTA Central Office for more information)
  • A presence in Tallahassee where FSMTA lobbyists, legislative committee, legislative chairperson, and retained attorney all work on your behalf to ensure the legislature knows the concerns of massage therapists.  Please see the About Us page to learn about our legislative achievements.
  • Legislative Awareness Days: A yearly event during which FSMTA LMTs visit Tallahassee to promote awareness of the benefits of massage therapy and to keep everyone informed of any legislative issues affecting our profession.
  • Annual Convention with substantial member discounts
  • FREE or low cost CE programs on the chapter level
  • FREE subscription to Massage Message magazine and chapter newsletters
  • FSMTA Sports Massage Team
  • Massage Therapy Awareness Week:  Every October, during a week designated by the Governor, FSMTA organizes events throughout the state to increase public awareness of massage therapy and its benefits.
  • Professional Affiliation and Networking Opportunities
  • FSMTA Chair Massage Team on the chapter level
  • Representation at all Board of Massage Therapy Meetings, including reports in the Massage Message after every board meeting
  • FSMTA website
  • Membership certificate, card, and lapel pin
  • Use of the FSMTA logo for your marketing and promotions
  • Promotional and Professional Practice Products: Online Store Now Open!
  • FREE listing in the FSMTA Therapist Locator
  • Community Service/Outreach Opportunities
  • Sample Contracts for Employees and Independent Contractors Do you know the difference?
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