Student Membership

Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a massage therapist. With so much to learn at school, make one decision that will put your mind at ease, join the FSMTA as a student member.

By joining as a student you’ll save $90 on membership dues! Student membership is only $50 for the year. When you graduate from school and receive your massage license, give us a call. We’ll upgrade your membership status to an LMT for FREE – saving you $90!! (Membership dues for an LMT to join is $140)

By becoming a student member of the FSMTA you’ll be able to network with other massage therapists, become involved in your local chapter, and learn from guest speakers at your local chapter meetings. You’ll be able to talk to other students and seasoned massage therapists all in one place! Some chapters have mentoring programs you can become involved in.

Don’t Wait – Join Today! 407.786.3307

Choose this Printed Application if you wish.

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