As your State President I am pleased to let you know that on April 22 & 23, 2014-LEGISLATIVE AWARENESS DAYS IN TALLAHASSEE TAKE PLACE – Members of the Executive Board, Chapter Boards and membership at large will arrive from across the State.  FSMTA Member Representative’s will be meeting with State Senators and Representatives, and their staff at the Capitol to educate them on the benefits of Therapeutic Massage, and to address current legislative issues that impact our scope of practice and our profession. We will also be providing educational opportunities for those in the Capitol to learn more about what Massage and Massage Therapists provide in their treatment of pain, stress, illness and injuries, and the many benefits of this holistic health care method. As your State President I reactivated this event after many years of our absence as a group meeting with our Representatives in Tallahassee and making our presence known.  Unifying the Massage Profession in Tallahassee and speaking out on political issues that impact our profession is crucial with the many changes taking place on the health care front.  Your active involvement on the local level is greatly appreciated.  Reach out to your Chapter Legislative Chair and Chapter President for direction as you meet with you local Representatives after the close of session in Tallahassee.  Be an active member of FSMTA and let your voice be heard.  FSMTA is the voice that represents Florida LMT’s and has since 1939!  United we are a powerful force!  Leiah Carr, State President

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