The Massage Message is published bi-monthly by the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Inc., a not-for-profit organization.  Every issue provides our readers with a variety of quality articles covering information related to: Conditions, Techniques, Business, Research, Muscle Review, Aromatherapy Review, Self Care, Wellness, Successful Start-Student-School Spotlights, News From Around The State and more.


 If you are interested in submitting an article to be published please review the publication topic guide for each issue below.  Articles may be submitted related to the treatment, technique, modality or business topic listed for each issue.  All submitted articles will be considered, but the editor and FSMTA do not guarantee they will be printed.  Articles should be educational in nature, designed to be informative, and related to the massage profession.  Articles should be no longer than 750 words with photos, and 1,500 words if text only.

The FSMTA reserves the right to edit, accept or reject any material submitted for publication. Contributors to the Massage Message are solely responsible for the statements they make in the magazine.  Contents of submissions do not reflect the opinion of the FSMTA.  Should the Massage Message choose to publish a submission, the editor reserves all rights to edit content and placement.

 Articles and advertisements appearing in the publication do not imply endorsement of individuals, companies, products or services by the FSMTA.

 Please submit your article in advance for review and publishing consideration. All articles should be sent to:

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