MediCupping(tm) Applications in the medical field

The concept of vacuum therapies in the medical field is not a new one.  In the nineteenth century, American and European doctors had manual cupping sets in their medical bags, and medical supply companies still carried cupping sets well into the thirties and forties.  This practice slowly diminished as new technology increased, although the decline also stimulated cupping device inventions. The vacuum pump was used to help new mothers with lactation issues and developed into the premier method to extract milk to be reserved and used at a later time.  Thirteen years ago when I was a new mom coming home from the hospital with twins, the nurse recommended I use a breast pump and sent one home with me.  Although I preferred the bonding time that came with breast-feeding my babies, the breast pump did prove useful as I went back to work.   

At Advanced Continuing Education, we have been finding various ways to integrate vacuum therapies into the medical field.  Some of the ways we have been successful in doing this are pre-and post surgical applications as well as treating the resulting scars from surgeries. With our vacuum therapy equipment, especially the MediCupping™ machine, we are able to better prepare patients before surgery by clearing and draining lymphatic pathways, moving congestion and softening restrictions in soft tissue. With many of the same techniques used pre-surgically, we are also able to help clear inflammation after a surgery, address any issues in the soft tissue due to lack of mobility, and mobilize post surgical scar tissue.    

With the addition of the MediCupping™ machine to our assortment of vacuum therapy tools, the trained practitioner is able to perform vacuum therapy with ease and efficiency. As a practitioner of these techniques, this machine has changed the way I do vacuum therapy as much as the addition of ACE Massage Cupping™ enhanced my massage therapy practice. The practitioner is able to have more control with the varying suction levels when working with clients.  The machine performs the vacuum with either static suction or multiple pumping modes. With an array of cup sizes from small to large, it is possible to address small contours or larger areas of the body. The variable dial offers pressure ranging from light to deep giving much more control and consistency. The vacuum gauge allows for data to be recorded so that the results can be replicated and documented.  Another great feature the machine has to offer is use of the bifurcated hoses. The use of two cups can be helpful with the lymphatic drainage as well as traction techniques when working with scar tissue. 

For anyone planning surgery, integrating MediCupping™ is such an asset. It provides the practitioner with the ability to drain and activate the lymphatic system and clear congestion prior to surgery. The practitioner selects a cup size to accommodate the area and a vacuum pressure that is comfortable for the client. The practitioner can clear proximally, then distally, to drain the area of congestion. Once the congestion is cleared, the system will drain more efficiently after the trauma of the surgery, aiding in a successful recovery.  

There are many benefits for using vacuum therapies with patients post surgically.  Inflammation occurs after the trauma of the surgery, and vacuum therapies can assist in the elimination of this inflammation by creating vasodilation. This inflammation can create further congestion and giving the body a vehicle for elimination will also assist with a quick and complete recovery. 

The treatment is comfortable and pain free, and drains the heavy fluid that can debilitate the patient with restricted movement and heaviness. I have had great success with post surgery treatments for knee replacements. I have been able to drain the limb with only the use of MediCupping™ machine by following the intermediate lymphatic pathways.  Clients report feeling a lighter leg with more mobility, and no longer inhibited by excess fluid.  

I’ve worked with a patient after having lymph nodes removed from his leg. As a result his leg had lymphedema and dense, fibrous tissue. Upon our initial session, he presented with an extremely distended leg that was pale in color due to limited circulation. After an initial intake, we confirmed our treatment plan with his doctors and surgeons. To begin he would measure his leg in the morning and evening at the exact place of his incision site to ensure an accurate measurement. When we started the vacuum therapies treatment his leg measured at 60 cm. After the first session, the measurement had decreased by half a centimeter. In treatments that followed, the color quickly returned to his leg and it no longer looked like a plastic prosthetic limb.  

While historically an effective therapy, current vacuum therapies are proving to be very beneficial when working with current medical conditions. With the MediCuppingâ„¢ machine, we are effectively able to clear and drain lymphatic pathways before and after surgery as well as soften the resulting scars. It is exciting to hear back from ACE workshop attendees with the successes they are having working with the medical field. Some are beginning to specialize exclusively in post mastectomy care, while others have doctors referring their patients to specifically receive this specialized vacuum therapy.

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