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While $125 may seem like a large investment in these difficult times, it is a small amount compared to the big savings you will receive. In total you will save a minimum of $400 in discounts and free offerings.

In addition to these ongoing discounts, we occasionally include limited-time offers in our membership e-newsletters…so keep an eye out!

Discounted and Free Offerings for Members:

  • FSMTA Convention Registration: Savings of $150 – (Full Registration, Early Bird Rates) Non-member=$449, Member=$299
  • FSMTA Professional Liability/Premises Insurance:  Minimum savings of $50Cost is $99 or $115 for annual premium
  • Massage Message magazine:  Savings of $20FREE
  • CEs at your Chapter Meetings:  Average Savings of $180FREE

An initial savings of $400!! So what are you waiting for Join Today.

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