Messages From the Past

By Kimberly Reaves LMT, CNHP, CHHC

“I just want to relax.” “I have low back pain.” “My neck is full of tension.” “My job is
stressful.” These statements are the reason for getting massage. What if these words were
cryptic messages of a greater cause for the Pain, Tension, Stress and Discomfort? What is
their pain is a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? What does the past have to
do with the present? How does the past affect the present?
Clients forget to tell us pertinent information that would aid in their session often making it
difficult to relieve their symptoms. The following is an example:
Under Cover Evidence
Denise presented with low back pain exacerbated by scoliosis and stress from her job. Seeing
her weekly didn’t resolve the problem. Her scoliosis didn’t seem be the source of the problem
and previous abdominal work was beneficial, but didn’t resolve the pain. I usually worked the
abdominal muscles over the sheet for modesty until I was guided to go under cover to “take a
She had a 6-8 inch scar the length of her abdomen from cancer removal surgery. She had
mentioned cancer in past, but never said the type until the scar; part of her colon was
removed from colon cancer. I explained that scar tissue could be the cause of her pain and the
importance of knowing her full history. Myofascial release was used to reduce fascial holding
patterns around the scar. Immediate relief was felt. She would need to have it done several
more times to have lasting results.
A complete history is vital! The past plays a LARGE role in pain patterns and must be handled
with care so as to reduce the possibility of resurfacing the issue changing the session for both
you and the client.
Touch 4 Traumaâ„¢ is a hands-on technique teaching the signs and symptoms of PTSD, how
client history affects every session and by using a gentle approach resets the autonomic
nervous system, improving overall health and wellness.

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