Relieving Pain with Massage Therapy

With the huge number of irritants that modern technology provides, there is little reason to be surprised when the body complains or becomes overwhelmed with pain. Therapeutic massage uses touch to relieve stress and induce healing and relaxation to the muscles. Massage therapists study proper techniques to help deliver necessary care to a tired physique. Various types of massage therapy are available, depending on one’s needs. Professionally-trained massage therapists relive an ancient healing practice which delivers a high level of comfort to those willing to experience it. Aside from the physical relief it induces, having regular massage therapy sessions help improve mental relaxation and focus. Occasional massage sessions care of professional massage therapists also help one feel refreshed and reinvigorated after long hours of work and exposure to stressful stimuli.

The amount of technological and business developments in recent years require people to move faster to keep pace with progress. People have been finding more ways to cope with the equally fast build-up of stress, and massage is one effective means of coping. According to the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2016 consumer survey, 32% of adult Americans received a massage in the last five years. Between July 2015 and July 2016, 19% has received at least one massage. Most prefer to have them in spas, but others opt to receive them in the therapist’s office, in a massage franchise or chain, in hotels, resorts or cruises, and even in their own homes. Massage therapy was estimated to be a $12.1 billion industry in 2015, and it only grows, with 325,000-375,000 massage therapists and schools in the US.

It’s no wonder why massage therapy is popular, as it is effective against a multitude of physical illnesses including cancer-related fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, osteoarthritis and post-operative pain. It also eases alcohol withdrawal symptoms, lowers blood pressure, and decreases symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage works wonders even beyond these, with its benefits to the eyes, hands, shoulders, nerves and muscles. For those without illness, it is fairly more affordable and less time-consuming than having to travel to places in search for recreation. Letting the body be healed by touch therapists is as invigorating as a trip to a tropical island, needless to say much less tiring.

Massage is beneficial to various parts of the body. The following are some of them.

Massage Therapy for Tired Eyes

Eye problems are limiting to everyone, especially so to those who deal with fine aesthetic details such as architects, artists, and clockmakers. The eyes can benefit even from very simple massages. Gently massaging the eyelids against the brow bone for a few seconds may help reduce eye strain after working long periods in front of a computer. Certain therapies may be opted for when you experience extensive pain in the eyes or headaches due to problematic vision. Employing a massage therapist to massage your face may lead not only to vision improvement, but also to stimulated blood flow to the skin, reduction of sagging areas, and muscle toning. More complex techniques, accessible only to massage therapists who received professional training, may also help treat hypermetropia (long-sightedness), myopia (short-sightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, and presbyopia.

Massage Therapy for Headaches

Massaging the face and head also leads to reduction and even prevention of recurring, or chronic, headaches. These headaches may be caused by muscle spasms or constrictions, hormonal changes, misalignments in the body, environmental stimuli, and neurological problems, among others. These may last for a few minutes to several days, leading to decreased productivity and a reduced quality of life. Many turn to massage as a solution, and are not disappointed. Kneading the muscles on the face and the head promotes oxygen circulation, relieves muscle spasms and tension, decreases pain from areas of hyper-irritable tissue, decreases the frequency and duration of migraines, and stimulates the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System. This is one of three divisions of the nervous system, which aides in conserving energy. Relaxing it boosts the production of Cortisol, which is the stress-inducing hormone.

Massage Therapy for Relaxed Hands

For many people who work with their hands, any discomfort proves to be a big problem. This discomfort may hinder one from accomplishing even simple tasks, much less carry out strenuous work. Pain in the hands caused by muscle strain, arthritis, trigger finger, or Reynaud’s phenomenon may also be reduced by massage therapy. A combination of weekly hand massages from massage therapists and daily self-hand massages led to a probability of reducing hand pain by 57% among patients dealing with arthritis. A good hand massage also promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, improves range of motion and flexibility of wrists and fingers, relieves joint pain and reduces scar tissue. We use our hands for almost every activity thus it can’t be any more emphasized that caring for them should be of prime importance.

Massage Therapy for the Neck and Shoulders

The neck and shoulders should also be relieved of stress and pain, whenever they occur. This may be triggered by causes as simple as poor posture or overexertion to more serious illnesses such as degenerative arthritis and disc disease. While stretching and simple exercises may help ease the discomfort, regular massage therapy eases tension accumulated in these areas and may prevent further pain. People who experience frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries also find pain relief from massage, and even rely on it more than on taking painkillers. Professional massage therapists are able to correct abnormalities in the bones or joints with proper technique and over several sessions. Neglecting pain in the neck and shoulders may deal more harm than good to a patient. It may be a symptom of a more serious illness that may lead to worse conditions when not immediately attended to.

Massage is beneficial in many ways, primarily by providing rest and relaxation. People as young as 16 may get massages from spas and experience physical comfort and revitalization made possible by massage therapy. Because of this, Florida residents of Fort Myers may take part in this experience by getting themselves into Florida Academy’s massage therapy training program. With Florida Academy’s commitment to integrity, community service and continuous quality improvement, they continue to train professionals who are highly-skilled and sensitive to the needs of those their clients and themselves. Trainees may opt to enrol in the 5-month program, conducted during the day, or the 5-and-a-half-month program, conducted during the night for those who have day jobs. Graduates of the program get to work in 5-star hotels and famous day spas and provide much-needed comfort to as many people as possible with techniques taught in the academy. For interested participants, training will include medical massage, trigger point therapies, reflexology, and neuromuscular massage, among others. They will be competent in providing care and wellness alongside medical practitioners through referrals from doctors and chiropracticians. They can harness healing and contribute to medical treatments, leading to a better quality of life through massage.

Touch is a very sensual stimulus which provides unparalleled comfort. Done right, it is freeing and worthwhile to learn and provide, and no amount of stressful stimuli will knock you off track and off balance.

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