Sound Therapy for Athletes

Sound therapy is the use of sounds and vibration to achieve a therapeutic effect.
Many instruments can be used for sound therapy but one of the most effective is the
Himalayan singing bowl. It produces harmonious vibrations that propagate through the
body, providing a cellular massage. These vibrations are harmonious patterns of
movements that allow our cells to synchronize in their own natural rhythm. The sounds
produced also induce relaxation via brainwave entrainment to allow the body to enter a
healing and regenerating state.
Sports massage can utilize many different modalities to the effects of pre-event,
post-event, maintenance, and rehabilitation therapies. That includes anything from
acupressure to lymphatic drainage to sound and vibrational therapies.
Singing bowls massage on a cellular level; many of the same benefits of Swedish
massage apply. Vibrations can be used to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation,
break down clots, recover from injury, reduce trauma, and activate the parasympathetic
nervous – thereby activating other healing pathways.
Simply allowing the brain to slow down and go into alpha state is a great practice
pre and post-events for athletes. This is the state of mind where the mind slows down
enough and we can be completely aware. The body releases tension and becomes
ready for new action. For pre-event therapy, singing bowls can be used for warming up
the muscles and increasing the flow of nutrients. Post-event, they can be used to cool
down muscles, decrease cramping, and relax the body. The power of harmonious
sounds can give athletes a boost in performance and career lifespan.

The healing power of singing bowls really shines in areas of maintenance and
physical rehabilitation. Their entraining effects help to release mental and emotional
tensions. The physical counterparts of those tensions are also released such as those
in the shoulders and hips, or muscles tense from repetitive use. Many athletes hold
subconscious tensions from using the same muscles over and over in training and
competing. In a way the vibrations provide an update from the body to the nervous
system, letting it know that it no longer needs to hold tension in certain areas. In the
long term, this reduces the risks associated with any type of sport including high impact,
endurance, and repetitive activities.
Massage using the hands can only go as deep as muscle tissue allows.
Vibrations go through all cells, making them amazing for reducing swelling,
inflammation, clots, and reducing trauma overall. The vibrations also cause increased
flow of blood and nutrients, allowing the healing process to take place faster. Singing
bowls are an amazing aid in recovering from trauma and injury because of this.

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