The FSMTA Sports Team trainers hold classes across Florida throughout the year.  If you are interested in receiving the required training in order to join the Sports Team, check with  your Chapter President and Chapter Sports Chair.

FSMTA State Sports  Chair
Diane Forrester

FSMTA Sports Massage 8 hour Training

The cost of the official 8-hour course with an approved trainer is $130.00. The cost for the refresher course is $95.An official FSMTA Sports Massage Team Manual will be provided and reviewed during the course. This class is approved for 8 CE’s by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy towards the bi-annual license renewal.


Since 1985 FSMTA has recognized that there is a need for standard training in Pre & Post Event Sports  for those therapists across the State of Florida who wish to participate and provide massage at athletic events. Taking the FSMTA Sports Team training is REQUIRED to become a FSMTA Sports Team member. This requirement ensures all active members have the same knowledge and understanding of how to deal with professional, semi-professional, collegiate and novice athletes.
The FSMTA Sports  Team training was created based on information provided by numerous industry leaders on Sports and Athletic massage. The training includes guidelines for operating a sports  team; protocol in preparing for and conducting an event; basic first aid; thermal injury recognition; techniques for performing Pre and Post event massage and allows time for hands-on practice.
FSMTA Sports Team Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What is required to be on the FSMTA Sports Team?
You must be a member in good standing of the FSMTA, have an active massage therapy license (LMT) in the State of Florida. You MUST have taken the FSMTA Official 8 hour Sports  Team training course. You must have current professional liability insurance, and be willing to adhere to the policies, procedures and techniques as set down by the Sports  Team Chair/Committee.  You must also supply your own personal equipment needed to operate at any event.
2. What are the benefits of becoming a member of the FSMTA Sports Team?
EXPOSURE -For the massage profession and the FSMTA. -For you as a businessperson and massage therapist.Photo FSMTA Flagler Sports Team-4
EXPERIENCE -Working with special sports-related problems. -Learning and honing massage-related first aid skills.-Efficiently handling many massages in a short period of time. -Increasing knowledge of techniques and physiology.
OPPORTUNITIES/POSSIBILITIES -Excellent potential for new clients. -Networking with other LMTs and medical professionals. -Ability to work with teams and professional athletes. -Increasing public knowledge and awareness of our profession
.Photo FSMTA Flagler Sports Team 6
CONTINUING EDUCATION -Seminars and workshops on Sports Massage. (FSMTA Official training) -Lectures and workshops by other sports professionals.
3. Who is authorized to teach the official FSMTA Sports Team training?
The FSMTA has Sports Team Trainers located across the State who provide training throughout the State in coordination with the local chapters.  The following is the list and contact information for all authorized Trainers for the FSMTA Sports  Team.

FSMTA Sports Team Trainers

David R. Gonzalez
(305) 308-4817
Teresa Matthews
(940) 476-4849
hwfp@aol. com
Teofil Nikolov
(239) 450-4325
Wendy Ballasch
(850) 543-4756
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