State Special Election State Treasurer

FSMTA Members,

Due to an unfortunate personal family tragedy our State Treasurer, Lania Crouch has found it necessary to submit her letter of resignation.  She has done so in order to allow the FSMTA to put someone in place that can do what is needed and called for of the position. This now creates a vacancy on the Executive Board for State Treasurer.

We are officially opening a period for nominations from December 12, 2014 until midnight Eastern Time January 12, 2015.

To qualify for the office of State Treasurer you must meet the following criteria:

  • LMT Member in good standing
  • Florida residency, as evidenced by Affidavit or other proof submitted to the Nominating Committee at time of application
  • Held a position on the Executive Board or a Chapter Office for two (2) years.

LMT Members who desire to run in the Special Election for State Treasurer must complete a Nomination Application and submit to the Nominating Committee.  Nominees must include the specified office, qualifications for office, signed consent for nomination and all required supporting documents.

You can obtain the nomination form and general information by clicking the link below:

Election form

As defined in our Bylaws the Executive Board will vote on the nominees for office. Installation of the new State Treasurer will occur at the Winter Quarterly Executive Board Meeting in January 2015.




Katharine King

State Elections Chair

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