The Massage Message

The Massage Message is the official magazine of the FSMTA and is an excellent membership benefit. We are excited to announce the magazine is now ONLINE!
This bi-monthly publication keeps you informed in many areas. We feature articles from well known authors and educators in the massage and bodywork profession. The Massage Message provides you with details on the latest modalities, legislative news, business advice, happenings of the association, and more! In addition to the wisdom provided by the authors, you can also find innovative products and continuing education programs from our advertisers. To visit an advertiser’s website, simply click on their ad in the online edition of the magazine you can download below. (To view a past issue of the Massage Message Magazine, please visit our archive page.)

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Interested in Writing an Article?
Send us your massage therapy or FSMTA related article for publication in the Massage Message. Articles can be up to 1,500 words and should be accompanied by photos, drawings and/or graphics whenever possible. Increase your exposure to our profession and members by submitting a Series or several articles for publication in consecutive issues. Author contact information and short bio must be included with all submissions. Articles must be submitted on disc to the Central Office or by e-mail to magazine[at]fsmta[dot]org.

Editorial Statement
Contributors to Massage Message are solely responsible for the statements they make in this magazine. Contents of submissions do not reflect the opinion of the FSMTA. Should the Massage Message choose to publish a submission, the Editor reserves all rights to edit content for space restrictions, and placement.

All submitted articles will be considered but the editor and FSMTA do not guarantee they will be printed. Articles should be educational in nature, designed to be informative and related to the massage profession.

Massage Message now accepts Letters to the Editor. Please include your name, address, phone and e-mail. Only your name will appear with the letter. By submitting, you authorize the Massage Message to print the letter. The editorial staff may edit the letter for content and space restrictions.

Article & Ad Deadlines:
January/February issue – November 15
March/April issue – January 15
May/June issue – March 15
July/August issue – May 15
September/October issue – July 15
November/December issue – September 15

For details about advertising in the Massage Message magazine, please view our Media Kit page.

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