FSMTA has promoted and protected the massage therapy profession longer than any other association. Our experience and our personal touch have made us the largest professional association in Florida that serves massage therapists. One of the ways we help our members is by providing them with quality information, ranging from new laws and rules to modality instructions. If your customers are massage therapists, then ultimately the success of your business relies on the success of the massage therapy profession.

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10 Reasons to Advertise with FSMTA:

  1. Florida has the most licensed massage therapists in the country.
  2. FSMTA is the largest group of massage therapists in Florida.
  3. FSMTA is the oldest professional massage therapy association in the U.S.
  4. Thousands of massage therapists use the website for all of their association needs.
  5. The advertising rates are affordable!
  6. Advertising in the official publication of FSMTA helps us to promote and protect the massage therapy profession in Florida.
  7. The Massage Message is a quality professional publication & is delivered directly to our members (not sitting on a newsstand).
  8. FSMTA reaches THOUSANDS of LMTs, students of massage therapy, & massage therapy schools through social media!
  9. FSMTA members see the Massage Message as one of their best membership benefits because it keeps them in touch.
  10. The Massage Message reaches LMTs, students of massage therapy, & massage therapy schools.

The media kit above contains information about placing an ad in our quarterly magazine, Massage Message Magazine, as well as e-mail, social media, and website advertising. For information about convention related marketing opportunities, please visit our convention page and access the exhibitor prospectus.

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