Member Code of Conduct

  1. Adhere to the FSMTA Constitution, By-laws, Policies & Procedures, Patients Bill of Rights, and Code of Ethics
  2. Conduct themselves  in a professional and ethical manner
  3. Treat the client with respect and dignity
  4. Be professional and ethical in all verbal, nonverbal, and written communications
  5. Adhere to all Florida laws, rules and statutes governing Massage Therapy
  6. Seek other professional advice when needed
  7. Remain in good standing with the FSMTA and the Florida Board of Massage Therapy
  8. When using the FSMTA logo on business cards, brochures, advertisements, stationery, websites, and other forms of communications with the public, do so only within FSMTA established guidelines and in a professional and ethical manner
  9. Immediately return the FSMTA certificate if it is revoked or suspended
  10. Obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws
  11. Refrain from any behavior that results in illegal, discriminatory, or unethical actions
  12. Accept responsibility for their own actions
  13. Report to the proper authorities any alleged violations of the law by other practitioners
  14. Maintain accurate and truthful records
  15. Report to the FSMTA any criminal convictions regarding him/herself
  16. Protect the client's identity in all situations unless requested by the client in writing, medically necessary or required by law.
  17. Solicit only information relevant to the professional client/therapist relationship
  18. Store and dispose of client files in a secure manner
  19. Practice with honesty, integrity and lawfulness
  20. Provide an environment that is safe and meets Florida legal requirements for health and safety
  21. Accurately and truthfully inform the public of services provided
  22. Represent all professional qualifications accurately and truthfully
  23. Advertise in a professional and ethical manner and in a way that follows all laws and rules set out by the FSMTA and the Florida Board of Massage Therapy
  24. Recognize the patient’s rights and limitations and only practice within those
  25. Do not exploit the relationship with the client for personal gain
  26. Do not engage in any sexual activity with the client
  27. Avoid dual relationships with the client that could impair judgment or harm the client, employees or co-workers.
  28. Respect the client's freedom of choice in regards to the massage and the right to refuse treatment
  29. Do not practice under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substances (with the exception of prescribed dosages of prescription medication which does not significantly impair the therapist)
  30. Have the right to refuse therapy to a client who is abusive or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance
  31. Act in a professional and ethical manner at all FSMTA functions
  32. Do not deliberately misrepresent themselves, the facts, or the FSMTA in any way
  33. Respect the boundaries of all other therapists, clients and FSMTA members