FSMTA was the Official Sports Massage Therapy Team of the 2024 Caribe Royale Orlando Hula Bowl, the nation's premier College Football All-Star Game.

Since 1985 Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) has recognized that there is a need for a standard basic training in Pre, Intermediate & Post Event Sports Massage for those therapists across the State of Florida who wish to participate and provide massage at athletic events. Taking the FSMTA Sports Massage Team Training is required to become an FSMTA Sports Team member. All active members have the same basic knowledge and understanding of how to safely work with a wide range of professional, semi-professional, collegiate and novice athletic participants of sporting events. In addition to these standards, the FSMTA Sports Team training includes guidelines for operating a sports team; protocol in preparing for and conducting an event; thermal injury recognition; techniques for performing Pre, Intermediate, & Post-event massage; injury recognition; common injury treatment.

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Note: The FSMTA Sports Massage Therapist Directory is currently being updated.

Each member of our Sports Massage Team:

  • Is a professional licensed massage therapist, licensed under the Florida Department of Health
  • Is trained and experienced in sports massage therapy
  • Is an active member of the FSMTA
  • Carries their own professional liability insurance 

The FSMTA has Sports Massage Teams stretching from the westernmost panhandle to the southernmost islands of the Keys. Many FSMTA Sports Massage Team Members have worked at various Olympic/Paralympic Games. Below is a list of events our teams regularly support: 

Court & Beach Volleyball
Motorsports and Watersports
Tennis tournaments
Swim and Aquatic Sports
Cycling Races
Marathons/ Half Marathons
5K / 10K Road Races
Charity Walks / Runs
Equestrian Competitions
Senior Games